2020 Practice Schedule


Hanover Park Girls Softball
Head Coaches Contact Information
JR ID Team Name Head Coach Email
  JR1 TBD Jeff Levine lavoo44@gmail.com
  JR2 TBD Will Paul willp618@gmail.com
  JR3 TBD Brad Zwigard bzwigard@optonline.net
  JR4 TBD John Buzza jbuzz20@aol.com
JV ID Team Name Head Coach Email
  JV1 Coccia Realty Doug Sward dsward@optonline.net
  JV2 TBD Todd Damurjian tdamurjian@gmail.com
  JV3 EH PBA Jesse Novalis jnovalis71@gmail.com
Seniors ID Team Name Head Coach Email
  SR1 Piemonte and Liebhauser Andy Liebhauser
  SR2 TBD Greg Disessa gjdisessa@fedex.com
  SR3 Sterling Securities Vinny Ucci vucci9@aol.com



The link below is to the current Practice Schedule availability. 

The first worksheet is for Indoor and the secon worksheet is for Outdoor.

As of now, we only have Indoor practice slots available and at 1 location.

This will be updated after slots are selected and/or more time slots are provided


Hanover Park Softball 2020 - Practice Schedule